Architects of the Future

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I made this work to commemorate the return of SuperRare’s 10% royalty on secondary sales and the community led movement toward adopting 10% as a minimum across the industry’s smart contracts. It is a love letter to the builders, collectors, and artists in the space who bravely answer Buckminster Fuller’s calling to be architects of the future, not its victims.

Color and motion study after the 1890 U.S.A. Ten Dollar Treasury Note.

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Minted Resolution: 1080×1920.
Made with custom software using and Java.

Layers: 132.
Colors: 35.
Total Shapes: 956,729.
Vertices: 1,542,100.
Ellipses: 455,035.
Quad: 14,246.
Rect: 666.
Triangle: 27,793.
Shapes: 277.
Line: 458,482.
Point: 230.