Ready for the Shuffle

Matt Kane NFT No. 19

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14 years ago in 2006, I began a series exploring the history and aesthetics of fiat currencies. This is the first in the resurrection of that series; the first time my abilities honor the ambition, vision, and moxie that a slightly younger version of myself demanded before work on the series could continue. We stand in agreement today, the 8th day of 2020, that we are at long last ready for the shuffle.

Resolution: 8K x 8K Approximate size @300 PPI retina screen: 26″x26″ // 68cm x 68cm. Made with custom software using and Java.

Layers: 45.
Colors: 25.
Total Shapes: 168,330.
Vertices: 347,461.
ellipses: 2,867.
rectangles: 6,834.
line: 158,629.